In 1996 a charity called Carmel Ministries International was established in Bristol in the United Kingdom of Great Britain by Pastors Gerri and Michelle Di Somma, along with their family and has grown from eight people to its current position, where on average 180 people participate on a daily basis, the Pastoral and administration team, Christian School and Bible institute and 670 to 750 attend church each weekend.

It has a vision to effect positive change within the local community, nationally and internationally and has developed a number of different programs and departments that serve the community both locally and internationally.

In 2015 saw the birth of Carmel Global Ministries Inc, DBA Carmel City Church in Houston Texas as part of the vision of the UK entity as mentioned above. Services only started in February of 2016 and has seen it grow from 6 people to over 40 attending regularly in a local hotel. Carmel Global Ministries has now acquired space for Carmel City Church and Book Shop in Suite 210 and 109 at 13405 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land Texas, 77478.  It has now signed a lease to acquire an additional space in Suite 200 to accommodate the growth.

This will free up space within the existing suite to establish Carmel Bible Institute, which has accreditation from Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TACI) which presents us with an opportunity to better use the floor space we have.  It will increase our impact on the community with a proposed social service, debt counselling and foodbank. This will increase our volunteer base and increase and develop a greater presence in the community.

Carmel Global Ministries is a start up ministry that comes from over 25 years of experience in other countries in helping people live life. Most people spend 12 years in education, 4 years of study to have a career but spend no time in study on how to do life and to do it well. The ministry will focus on personal development in understanding purpose so that the highest degree of potential in the inpidual’s life can be experienced. This will encompass all relationships socially to help develop a strong family bond, cultivate an active work ethic to alleviate potential areas of conflict to encourage self-development in other fields of interest.

The development process is available to everyone regardless of age, educational capabilities, financial resources or cultural background as it focuses on moral principles and patterns as found in the Word of God. The program can be applied to all age groups as it deals with the many levels of life and development of the inpidual desiring to get more out of their living.

Carmel Global Ministries has a clear vision and a focused mission based on biblical values, despite the increased hostility to Christianity from the secular world.


He sent them to preach the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick.” Luke 9:2.

The mission is two-fold: preach God’s Word and demonstrate His love by helping others become whole again. Carmel will teach biblical life skills found in scripture that will help people be all they can be. As people apply these principles and develop life skills, they will be able to affect positive and lasting change in their own lives and the lives of others.


1. Cover our City
To impact Houston with the love of Jesus, spiritually, socially, relationally and economically, so that people can be equipped to do life and live their dreams.

2. Bless our Neighbors
Helping and empowering other Churches to establish themselves within their local communities with the purpose of alleviating the lack of the disenfranchised.

3. Send to the Nation 
Planting churches and Bible Schools in other areas of the US to undergird local communities in serving their people.

4. Touch the World
Planting churches and bible schools in other nations through various mission trips, media outlets and conferences.


Doing life together through social activities helps the people find their place in the purpose of God. Mentoring for all ages and genders matures the church but further to studying the Word together we build relationships with each other through interest groups.

This is the mission I believe that God requires of us to allow us the opportunity to once again speak out responsibly about the truths of God’s word in four key areas:

• Leading self successfully
• Leading our family relationally
• Leading our church purposefully
• Leading our community morally
• Leading business righteously

• Living life selflessly
• Living family generationally
• Living church educationally
• Living community socially
• Living business ethically

• Establish a script of morality
• Establish vision for family
• Establish church vocationally
• Establish community self sufficiency
• Establish a business charitably

• Independently free financially
• Family established in unity
• Church influencing morally
• Community healed socially
• Business expanding influentially



Using the titles, Share; Care; Prepare; Dare and Welfare, the senior administrative team focuses the actions of those who work within the ministry to ensure the delivery of the vision.

This process follows closely to the discipleship process of the ministry, from people who first visit the church (SHARE), who then become members and attend small groups (CARE), to investing in themselves through study (PREPARE) and having been equipped to serve become part of our outreach teams (DARE). Undergirding the whole process is the administrative side to Carmel Ministries (WELFARE) to make sure we manage the resources to make the journey enjoyable.

The first stage of the journey is Share.
This essentially is sharing the love of God through the Gospel. Primarily for an unbeliever (seekers), this is their first point of contact with Carmel. Our audience is split into three areas:
– The unchurched – Seekers
– The dechurched – Disillusioned
– The churched – Finding a new home

The second stage of the journey is Care. 
This is essentially for people who have given their lives to the Lord and who need help adjusting to a Christian way of living. These people need access to the many support structures that we have in order for them to become integrated into the church.

The third stage of the journey is Prepare. 
Once a person partners with the vision of the church, they need to be equipped to get involved in taking the vision forward. They are encouraged to serve in one or more of the departments.

The final stage of the journey is Dare. 
This is for people who have been equipped and are carrying the vision by playing key roles in the ministry. Here people will lead others and help facilitate the process of the journey beginning with Share.

Welfare undergirds the process: 
Welfare is at the center of the structure and assists those that are participating at any stage during the journey. Welfare will fulfill our responsibilities to all the organizations to whom we are accountable.

This structure and process of ministry has proven itself in the United Kingdom.


It is the boards desire to start Sunday meetings in January to promote the future development of the ministry by demonstrating through short teaching programs how these principles of life, based upon scripture can be applied in every day events of life.

The Ministry has a desire to obtain permanent facilities to carry out its church and educational programs but will in the short-term hire conference rooms in hotels to facilitate the present need of accommodation. The ministry will be running advertising campaigns to inform people of the proposed start in January as well as using a website and church app to promote some of the teachings.

There is a great need for marriage seminars and parenting programs that empowers strong family bonds and help children mature to positively contribute into the social structure of our society. There are also proven programs developed by the pastor president and others that have positively helped families around the world. These programs are ‘Promise of Purity,’ ‘Pre-marriage guidance,’ ‘Successful family living’ ‘Positive Parenting’ ‘Dr Cole’s Majoring in men’ and many Bible courses like Life in Christ, Living in Christ and Leading in Christ. Added to this is a 2-year course in Ministerial Development, preparing those who desire to go further in ministry or mission in a full time or volunteer basis.

Although this is a start up ministry in the United States the programs that are being used have been used successfully for the past 18 years in the United Kingdom and recently in Italy. Furthermore the combined ministerial experience of the board is well over a 100 years, which will be voluntarily employed to establish the ministry in the United States.