About Carmel: Church

A Bible-Based and Spirit-Led Church.

Carmel: Church is situated within the Fort Bend County area in Needville, which is off the 59 and south on Highway 36 going towards West Columbia. It is a modern church building previously occupied by Needville Community Church and meets the church's needs with a main auditorium that seats 300. as Houston expands west with the rapid growth of its population and commercial industry, we will be here to help new people coming into the area to find a church and engage in the community.

Carmel: continues to maintain a relaxed, family atmosphere. Among its congregation are people from many different backgrounds, ages, and nations coming together to worship God and learn the culture of His kingdom. The services are vibrant, the teaching uncompromising, and the Word within the messages is life changing.

Carmel: is an equipping church called to enable people to fulfill their God given potential and operate in their God given gifts to reach out beyond the church walls into the community.

The Name:

The Name 'Carmel' comes from the name of a mountain and town in Israel. Its Hebrew meaning is fruitful field, garden, or plentiful place.

In the figurative language of Scripture, it appears as the symbol of beauty (Song of Songs 7:5), fruitfulness (Isaiah 35:2) majesty (Jeremiah 46:18), and prosperous and happy life (Jeremiah 50:19).

Visible from afar, Mount Carmel beckoned distant fugitives, and, in all ages, has offered asylum and sanctuary. It has been a place of worship since ancient times where an altar of Yahweh stood (Kings 18:30).

The whole of Israel gathered on Mount Carmel where God demonstrated His power and sovereignty before evil prophets of Baal. God rewarded Elijah's faith and obedience by bringing the much-needed rain (1 Kings 18). Mount Carmel may also have been the scene of the miracles narrated in 2 Kings 1:9 onwards.

Mt. Carmel's excellence is still evident today. The villages in the slopes have a look of prosperity. Its rich fertile soil produces oak, pine, myrtle, honeysuckle, and box and laurel. Olives fill the hollows, and in the time of flowers, Carmel is beautiful in a garment of many colors. Evidence of the ancient husbandry, which made it famous, are found in the cisterns, and the oil and wine presses cut in the surface of the rock. There is probably a reference to the vine culture here in 2 Chronicles.

All the godly qualities attributed to Mt. Carmel are associated with Carmel: Church, because we seek to serve and worship the same God that Elijah and the Israelites served and worshipped.

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